1. What materials/medium can I use?

There’s no medium restrictions for hand-drawn illustrations. You may use any two-dimensional medium such as watercolour, colour pencil, acrylic paint etc.

2. Can I create my artwork in black and white?

There’s no color restrictions for illustrations or one-page comics. You can create your artwork in black and white or color.

3. For digital illustrations, can I submit a soft copy of my artwork?

You are required to submit a hard copy version of your PRINTED artwork for digital illustrations.

4. Can I share my artwork on social media?

To ensure fairness and transparency, participants are to refrain from disclosing any details of their submissions on all social media platforms before the announcement of competition results.

5. Do I still own the rights to my submitted artwork?

The rights of the submitted artwork belongs to you, however the organizer reserves the rights for all artworks to be used for publicity and promotional purposes.

6. How do I find out the results of the competition?

All winners will be notified via email by the organizer by 31 July 2022.

7. How can I collect back my submitted artwork?

Coming soon.

Submitted artworks from overseas participants will not be returned.

8. I am an overseas participant, how do I collect my prize?

For all overseas participants, your prizes will be mailed to you if you are unable to attend the prize ceremony.

9. I am a local participant, how do I collect my prize if I’m not able to attend the prize-giving ceremony?

For local participants who are not able to attend the prize-giving ceremony, you may authorize someone to collect your prize on your behalf during the prize-ceremony. Please email to singaporeiocc@gmail.com in advance to make arrangements.

10. If I missed the deadline, can I still apply?

We do not accept late entries. We recommend that you send in your entries early to avoid disappointment.

11. Can I submit more than 1 artwork? What is the participation fee for multiple submissions?

You may submit more than 1 artwork. Please note that the participation fee is SGD20 per artwork submission for local participants and SGD10 per artwork submission for overseas participants.